Court orders Mental Health to submit transition plan

Written by Mindy Aguon
Published on Jan. 16, 2013

Guam - Mental Health acting director Rey Vega has been ordered to submit a transition plan of action to the District Court on how the department intends to implement the amended permanent injunction. In an order issued today, District Court Judge Consuelo Marshall made it clear the plan of action must include how the department intends to bring off-island consumers back to the island and where they will be placed as well as the status of facilities that are necessary to implement the API.

The court is scheduled to meet with federal management team Dr. James Kiffer on January 28 and then with Vega later that day. On the 29th she will hold a motions hearing and status conference when Dr. Kiffer is expected to report on the amended plan of action and submit a status report.

The court has previously said it would allow the transfer of authority back to the department in February following the transition and assurances that Mental Health will be able to comply with the court's orders.